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aerosoft's - German Airports 2-Hannover X 1.03

German Airports 2-Hannover X 1.0 is scenery for FSX and FS2004
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Aerosoft's - German Airports 2-Hannover X 1.0 is scenery for FSX and FS2004 which features Hannover airport located in germany. The scenery is based upon Hannover airport and care has been taken to include all the details and environment settings as there is in the case of the real airport.

There are buildings, lighting and navigation beacons near to the airport to add realism. The aerial images are of 1 mega pixel which ensures great imagery quality and aid to the user. The surroundings have been made so that it tallies with the real surroundings. There are navigation aids that guide the users during the time of flight. These are ILS, VOR, and ATIS etc. Many institutions and buildings are a part of the scenery.

The night effect gives a real-time night flying environment to the user. The runway has lighting and taxiway systems so that the experience so felt seems to be real as on the original runway. The functions and the details for the scenery are provided in the detailed manual. The DFS charts act as a great aid for flyers. The FS2004 version has several additional features. It has a dynamic traffic which is animated.

This scenery provides a new level of challenges to the users so that they can use their skills to overcome the difficulties and fly in a difficult terrain. The manual provided gives detail information, so the user would not find it difficult to get accustomed to this scenery add-on.

Luis Sanchez
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